About the GasStop

Introducing GasStop
The ultimate in gas safety

GasStop is a 100% emergency shut-off device for bottled propane gas systems. In the event of a major leak GasStop will instantly and automatically shut-off the flow of gas. Not only is this device an easy to fit, autonomous must-have safety device, it also has a useful multipurpose gas pressure indicator. Use gas, use GasStop.

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One device – multiple uses

100% emergency shut-off

GasStop will instantly and automatically shut-off the supply of gas in the event of a major leak or regulator failure* (* a major leak is defined in our FAQ here).

Useful gas pressure indicator

The useful pressure gauge will let you know when your gas is running low, letting you plan your refill ahead of time.

Minor leak tester

GasStop can also be used to test for minor leaks prior to use. Always check to make sure your gas system is leak free.

Easy to install

Using GasStop is quick and easy – install in just a few simple steps. Read on

Quality approved

Our products are independently tested, in accordance with ISO and EN standards. Read on

5 year warranty

All of our products come with a 5 year warranty. We are proud to provide the highest quality devices to all of our customers. Read on

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