Before returning your defective product, firstly please ensure you have proof purchase and that your item was bought from one of our authorised retailers. A list of these can be found on our FAQ page under “Where to Buy”. Our terms and conditions of the 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee can be found in your original packaging and also on our FAQ page. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that items not purchased from an authorised retail are genuine products, therefore they are not covered by our warranty. Once you have all of the relevant documentation and are confident your defective product is covered by our warranty, you can contact our support team below who will advise you further on how to proceed.

Where to find your batch code

Before you fill in the form below, you will first need to locate your batch code. Here is our useful guide on how to do so.

Screw-type GasStop

The batch code is located on the underside of the product.

Quick-coupling GasStop

The batch code location will be updated soon.

Warranty form